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Garden Design, Landscaping and Maintenance in Essex

Offering Garden Design, Landscaping and Maintenance services across part of Essex, The Garden Lab oversees every step of the journey leading to your dream garden: the Garden Design phase, the Landscaping  and the Styling and Maintenance of your garden. All unique, equally important and exciting in their own way, these three stages guarantee a successful experience as well as the reassurance that the initial vision of your design is translated as intended into your garden thanks to our talented in-house team of garden designers, landscapers and gardeners. 

Proud of this  unique and global approach, we are fully invested in each garden we create, making sure we tailor our design ideas, landscaping process and maintenance plans to the garden that we build and our customer's desires. Combining all three elements, we put our care in every step of the way, before, during and after as we Design, Create, Style  and Look after gardens that you can Enjoy.


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33 Lodge Cottages, Tawney Lane 


Stapleford Tawney

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