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The Garden Lab,
Celebrating Outdoor Spaces

At The Garden Lab, we are passionate about all our gardens. Step by step, from the first consultation to the very last day of a project, we commit to offer all our clients a memorable experience , allowing our customers to embark on the exciting journey that is Garden Design, all with the guarantee that every part of the project is taken care of by our  amazing team of in-house Garden Designers and Landscapers. Thanks to our comprehensive approach to Garden Design, we combine our creative ideas and the practical details of the landscape we work in to ensure that every aspect of our client's desires for their outdoor space comes to life. 

Talented and hard-working, our expert team works together at every level, bringing their unique skills into what they do.  Specialising in  full garden transformations and make-overs, we look after each garden with love and care and manage all  our projects during both the design and build phases to ensure you are left with a stunning garden, a smooth experience and absolute peace of mind throughout.

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33 Lodge Cottages, Tawney Lane 


Stapleford Tawney

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