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Garden Styling Essex and East London

Styling gardens in Essex and East London is our passion. The same way that you redo the decoration of a room in your home, the actual styling comes after the bulk work of painting and flooring, with the frames, curtains and other details being the last, but not the least, of  the  ornaments that give the room its feel and make it all come together.  

Once your garden has been landscaped, comes the exciting time to add the final touches that will really bring your garden design to life and create the atmosphere you want for your outdoor space. Using a variety of colours, shapes, garden furnitures and accessories, we style your garden according to your needs and use of the space in a way that embraces the work already done by our landscapers and garden designer

hairdressing summer house.JPG
Landscape gardener and garden designer in woodford green Chigwell, Loughton, Buckhurst hil
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Hand-Made Summer house turned into a hair salon

Contemporary patio with hand-made bench used as raised-bed

Moroccan style garden Inspiration

Essex and East London Garden Styling

Rustic or modern, vintage or new, colourful and vibrant or monochromatic and classic, we hand-make or source our materials and furnitures across a wide range of suppliers in order to accessorise your garden with the most unique and best matched items, from tables and chairs to flower pots,  benches,  cushions,  bird baths, bin stores and more.  

While garden furnitures  are an essential part of styling your garden, there is definitely more to decorating your garden than accessories. Planting, Lighting, Outdoor kitchens, fire-pits and Water-features, are all excellent ways to add character to your garden  and to create that special ambience you re looking for.

Scroll down and click through each garden styling tool to see how we can help your garden achieve its potential and become your favourite room of the house.

Fire-Pits and Outdoor Kitchens

Furnish your garden in style by adding an outdoor kitchen and/or a fire-pit that will instantly create a welcoming, cosy atmosphere and make your garden the hub of your evenings and family parties.  Modern or traditional, our bespoke fitted kitchens can include anything you want: barbecue, pizza-oven, a bar, wine-chiller and more. Enough to turn your garden into your favourite room of the house.

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Water Features

Installing a water feature is a great way to style your garden while adding a personal touch. "Ready to install" from the supplier or hand-made  by our landscapers and therefore totally unique, water features greatly contribute to create a more natural, peaceful environment while a great way to attract wildlife in your garden, especially birds and butterflies. 

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