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Garden Walls & Brickwork in Essex and East London

Walls and brickwork are an important aspect of your garden. Front garden walls set the tone and personality of your property. They act as a first glimpse of your house, reflecting your style upon your neighbourhood,  while also giving you privacy and a define boundary between your home and the outside world. When not to mark out your property bounds, garden walls, especially retaining walls, can also be used in landscaping as as amazing feature, usually serving both a practical purpose and an aesthetic one, being fully embedded in your garden design.  

At The Garden Lab, we offer a free first consultation to discuss your walls and brickwork needs, during which we use our professional knowledge to present your options, discuss all their differences and compare them in terms of suitability and cost so you can make your decision. We also happily supply samples to help you choose the most suitable material for your garden. 


Walls & Brickwork inWoodford Green, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Loughton, Epping, Theydon Bois, Brentwood, Ongar, Walthamstow

The specialist Essex and East London Garden Walls & Brickwork Company

  • All common types of bricks available

  • Different colour brick options

  • Wide range of quality railing choices

  • Expert advice in wall options - rendered, brick, block, retaining walls  etc.

  • Great quality materials and top suppliers

  • Strong and long lasting walls

Essex and East London Landscaping Services

Discover our "all around" landscaping services and how each of them can be implemented in your Essex and East London garden

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