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Lawn and Turf in East London and Essex

The Garden Lab is an expert in installing new lawn and turf in  Essex and East London surrounding areas. An essential component of your garden, a beautiful healthy green lawn has a huge impact on the general way your garden looks like, while also being a great source of pride for all garden lovers.  Our expert team has both the knowledge and experience to offer recommendations in terms of height, shade, thickness etc. so you can choose the turf that suits best your lifestyle, whether you have kids running around, pets or you are the local football club.

If you'd like to have our Head Landscaper to take a look at your garden in order to provide you with a quotation for a new lawn, contact us on 01708 687413, by email or though our online form on our website.


Lawns and Turf that look great

Whether it is for its shiny green colour or its fresh smell, turf is a great option to give your garden a natural while neat and tidy look. At The Garden Lab, we use the best turf suppliers to source our grass. Our high quality turf is grown locally and particularly suited for British climate, making it more durable and resistant to the classic range of the various weather elements with the appropriate care. 

For thriving Lawns and Turf all year round in Essex, East London, Brentwood, Romford, Epping, Ongar, Loughton, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford Green and Walthamstow 

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The specialist Essex and East London Lawn and Turf Company

  • Wide range of different turfs to choose from

  • Expert team in lawn installation and care

  • Meadow and flowering lawns options

  • Weather resistant turfs against standard weather elements

  • Locally grown grass suppliers

  • Free turf and lawn quotation

Meadow Grass and wildflower Turf in Essex and East London

Meadow grass and wildflower turf is an increasingly popular choice among garden lovers over the past few years and we can easily understand why.  Not only meadow grass is obviously  beautiful, instantly bringing a natural touch into your garden, but it also is a great environmentally-friendly option, which both attracts wildlife and largely contributes to a generally better and balanced ecosystem, especially for the very important bee family. 

At The Garden Lab, we source all our meadow grass responsibly and carry out all the preparation work before laying the turf. Thanks to our professional knowledge, we introduce all the different options so you can choose your flowers amd receive our exert advice on where to have it and how to look after it and maintain it.

Essex and East London Landscaping Services

Discover our "all around" landscaping services and how each of them can be implemented in your Essex and East London garden

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